Computer Running Slow? Increase Your Hard Drive Speed.

I have come across a few customers recently who have older computers and are getting increasingly frustrated with how long things are taking to open. Over the years of use and collecting data from downloading programs and temporary internet files building up.

Computers are like cars really, every year or 10k kilometre intervals you take your car in for a service to change the oil, rotate the tyres, repair any rattles and give it a tune-up. Same goes with computers, I like to give my computer a good clean out each year to remove any clutter, data log files, temporary files and unwanted programs that have been installed and you find you are no longer using them.

In this day and age computers and mobile devices are so readily available and it’s easier than ever to download and collect stuff on our devices.

Have you noticed the capacity of your devices are getting larger and larger so we can collect more stuff?

Here are a few tips on cleaning up your drive to hopefully get a little more speed out of it.

DEFRAG your hard drive, this is the standard practice in which the software looks at the physical location of the files and attempts to optimise these files so the computer does not have to search around so much for the files it needs. If you download and delete a lot of information a defrag should be completed once a week.

DELETE temporary files is another good way to increase hard drive speed. Your internet browser stores temporary files on your hard drive and are often unnecessary.

If you do this regularly and it’s still not improving how you would like, there is another option that I have recommended to many customers. Upgrade the Hard Drive to a Solid-State Drive (SSD). The speed you get out of an old computer is amazing, files open instantly, programs open immediately, waiting for images to load before you can view them is a thing of the past.

SSD drives used to be rather expensive however due to their popularity the prices have come way down and are now very affordable. SSD drives can be installed in computer and laptops alike.

This can be a perfect time to install a fresh Operating system and just restore the files and programs you need or you can clone your original drive and keep all your settings, programs and email exactly how they were, the only difference everything is 10x faster.

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