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Do you look after Business IT?

Yes, many local businesses trust Brisbane IT Guru with their IT needs. We can scale our IT offering from a medium sized multi-site business down to a business operating out of the family home. We offer a broad range of IT services for business. Many of our clients are home businesses, which is why we look after business IT and residential IT, as there can be some overlap.

A friend of mine, who’s good with computers, has told me what’s wrong with my computer, why do you need to complete a diagnosis?

We can’t vouch for the technical expertise of your friends or relatives, the fact that they have “diagnosed” the problem yet can’t actually fix it for you, I think is a good indicator of their technical skill. Often “diagnosis” is confused with the symptoms, and not the actual root cause of the problem. So although we do appreciate you letting us know the symptoms and any odd behaviour your technology is exhibiting, our technicians will find out why your computer is behaving as it is, and then offer the best solution to the problem.

Is my computer worth repairing?

After we’ve done a full diagnosis, we give you options. We’ll advise you on the best course of action for your technology needs. Sometimes, we will give you a few options. This is often when the cost of repairing versus the cost of replacement is close, or the age of your equipment is such that you should be planning for the replacement in the next 6-12 months. You can then make that decision based on facts and actual costs. As is often the case, the physical computer is not worth a lot of money. The value of the computer is contained within the purpose that the computer is used for, your data (files and photos), and the downtime and inconvenience being without a computer costs you.

How long will my repair take?

Well that does depend on the nature of the repair. We endeavor to have the diagnosis complete within 24 hours. Dependent on the repair or service required it can be less than this.

Can a technician visit my home or office?

Yes, we can come out on site to your office or home. Alternatively, you can visit us at our service centre at Wellington Point.

I’ve just upgraded to Windows 10 - help!

Windows 10 is a little different to what we are used to, and can seem a bit intimidating at first glance. We can provide you with training on Windows 10, or set your desktop to look more like Windows 7. Whichever you feel more comfortable with.

I want to bring in my computer, but I’m not sure what I need to bring.

For a Desktop, just bring the box and no need for keyboard, mouse or power cable. For a laptop, you will need to bring in the laptop and the power adapter. If you are having software reinstalled, then the software and license keys are handy too.

Do you remove viruses?

Absolutely, we remove viruses and other nasties from your computer. We also sell internet security software, so once your computer is clean of viruses, you can protect your computer from re-infection.

Can you recover data from my hard drive?

We can help you with your data recovery needs. Whether it be from a dead hard drive, USB stick, or camera.

I need a report and quote for Insurance purposes, can you do that?

Yes, we can quote and make a report for your insurance provider. We can even email the report direct to your insurance provider.

Do you fix Apple Macs?

Yes, we have repaired and worked on Apple Macs, MacBook’s and iPhones. Regardless of type of technology we can handle all your IT requirements.