UPS, Storm Damage, Electrical Surge, Power Spike

Storm Damage. Are you protected?

Over the past two months in the Brisbane area, we have had several storms and some electrical storms. I have noticed an influx of computers that have been storm damaged due to a power surge/spikes.

I have noticed on all the computer jobs that I have done the power boards people are using say they are surge protected but in 100% of cases, they are not adequate to stop a surge or power spike from destroying their computers. The $5 power boards from Big W are just not built to protect your electronics.

Fortunately, my customers have had the right insurance coverage and the insurance companies have replaced the damaged computers after the excess is paid.

There is, however, a preventative solution and it’s not an expensive one either.

UPS stands for “Uninterrupted Power Supply” a device that provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level. Small UPS systems provide power for a few minutes; enough to power down the computer in an orderly manner, while larger systems have enough battery for several hours.

The price for a UPS start at around $135.00 which is not much more than surge protection boards, this is also a lot cheaper than a new computer and potential loss of all your data and photographs.

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